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Hand-held SC 61 Z

  • Detects all kinds of small metal objects
  • Precise pinpointing
  • Clear visual and audio alarm signal
  • Dynamic operation mode
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Easy to operate
  • Headset socket


The hand-held metal detector SC 61 Z is applied wherever minimum amounts of metal have to be located in penitentiary centers, courts, forensics police work and forensic medicine or pre-inspection of letters but also in the precious metal processing industry. The hand-held SC 61 Z is equipped with a highly sensitive cylindrical probe. Due to the concentrated electromagnetic fi eld small metal objects e.g. razor blades can easily be pinpointed, even in the vicinity of surrounding metal construction. This would be diffi - cult or impossible with a standard handheld detector. The SC 61 Z can be used even in surroundings with large metal installations (e.g. metallic door frames or iron reinforcements). The dynamic operation mode allows the automatic adjustment to homogeneous background interference. For a fast check-up of persons or parcels the cylindrical probe can be used laterally over the area to be inspected. For detailed inspection of areas where an alarm was obtained the probe tip can be used. This allows a pinpointing localization of various collateral objects or wires.

Mode of operation

The search head transmits an alternating electromagnetic fi eld, which will be infl uenced by the presence of metal objects. Such electric changes modify the oscillation amplitude in the detector electronics which is processed and converted into an audio and visual alarm signal. The device meets the international standards on electromagnetic compatibility (DIN VDE 08448 Part 4, European Standards, EN 50081-1 EN 50082-1, EN 55022 B, IEC 801-2, 801-3).

Constructional features

Despite its lightweight the device is sturdy and designed for a continuous operation. The detector is operational once it is switched into operation. Target acquisition is indicated by an audio alarm signal and by a red LED. A second LED (green) alarms upon lowering voltage and in advance to battery failure.

Delivery content

Hand-held SC 61 Z 9-V dry battery Operation manual

Technical Data

Power supply Battery 1 x ANSI E (E block) 9-V Rechargeable battery 1 x ANSI E (E block) 9-V NiMH (IEC HR 6F22) Operation time* Dry battery approx. 35 h Rechargeable version approx. 12-15 h Temperature range approx. -10 °C to +55 °C Dimensions Handle approx. 32 mm Search head approx. 26 x 60 mm Total length approx. 377 mm Weight approx. 220 g (without batteries) Operating frequency approx. 9,6 kHz *depending on temperature as well as quality of used batteries



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