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SC VHD hand-held metal detector


  • Covert operation with vibration alarm
  • Visual display
  • 360° all-round detection fi eld
  • Precise pinpointing
  • Small - handy - robust
  • Simple to operate
  • Immediately ready for operation
  • LED light in device tip




The SC VHD hand-held metal detector supports ?emergency response teams? and security personnel in all aspects of security checks - e.g. at airports and schools, at public events, courts, offi cial buildings and in detention centres. The device gives a visual alarm signal by an LED display and a silent vibration. Hence, the SC VHD is particularly suitable for covert detection.

Mode of operation

The hand-held detector shows a consistent sensitivity around the entire 360° probe zone. Its sleek form and the concentrated fi eld at the tip of detector probe allow a precise pinpointing. The LED built into the tip of the probe is very useful when working in the dark or when examining handbags, backpacks, etc. The SC VHD comes with an automatic basic setting, which does not require any subsequent adjustments. Therefore, it is promptly ready for operation after switch on.

Constructional features

The SC VHD hand-held metal detector is small and handy. It comprises a robust and impact-resistant plastic construction and can be comfortably carried almost anywhere on the body. The scope of delivery includes a belt holster. The battery exchange is a tool-free procedure. The battery status is monitored by two LEDs placed at the upper end of the handle: red signal = alarm, green light = activated, amber light = battery change.

Delivery content

  • SC VHD hand-held metal detector
  • 9-V dry battery
  • Belt holster
  • Operation manual

Technical Data

Power supply Battery 1 x ANSI E (E block) 9 V Rechargeable battery 1 x ANSI E (E block) 9 V NiMH (IEC HR 6F22) Operation time* Battery approx. 70 h Rechargeable battery approx. 30 h Temperature range approx. -37 °C to approx. +70 °C (air humidity max. 95 %) Dimensions 38-29 mm, tapering total length approx. 220 mm Weight approx. 200 g (operating weight) s Operating frequency 95 kHz *depending on temperature as well as quality of used batteries



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